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TWAS─Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi Prize
This annual prize, named after the TWAS Fellow Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi, recognizes women scientists from Scientifically and Technologically (ST-) lagging countries. It carries a cash award of USD4,000 generously provided by Professor Al-Kharafi and will rotate among various fields of science.
Deadline Extended
15 June 2016
Partner Organizations
Eligible Nominees from
Science- and technology-lagging countries
Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences
Age limit

The first recipient of the "Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi Prize" will be invited to receive her prize at the opening ceremony of the TWAS's 27th General Meeting to be held later this year.

Nominations for the 2016 prize are invited in the following fields: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences.

For a list of the 81 ST-lagging countries, please visit:


Application doc(s): 
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